If space is the commodity you don’t have, affordable units that suit each transition in your life just may be in your future. Whether you’re downsizing, holding your beloved pieces while you backpack, stage your home to sell or simply need the closets that your apartment just doesn’t have, we’ve seen it all.

The self storage units are fixed units which means they sit secured on our lots. Our security gates aren’t showstoppers but they do keep out large animals with security lighting throughout. They may be entered with a keypad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Units are fully insulated which keeps a constant and tolerable temperature in the most extreme heat. They rest on concrete pads and those same pads produce radiant heat in the winter time to ward off winters extreme chills. An energy-efficient model with a bit of green in mind.


Some things don’t react well to the freezing temperatures of the Berkshire County Winters.  Paints, craft supplies, and other liquids could freeze and break their containers. Additionally, things such as furniture, musical instruments and art could be adversely affected by cold temperatures. Our heated units have radiant heating built into their floors, an energy efficient way to heat our units to between 50 and 55 degrees to keep your treasured belongings safe. 


Sometimes it’s really hard to visualize what kind of container you need. Cubic feet? What does that all mean. Let’s try to make this a little tangible to get you where you need to go.

Don’t put off packing.
Chip away a little at a time so it’s not crunch time the night before the move.

Cook meals ahead of time. Not only will
this help you use up food you’d otherwise transport but it lets you concentrate on the time you need to pack.

Keep it green. Before you toss electronics check to see if you have a center near you.

Keep hardware in a plastic bag when disassembling furniture. Label and secure to the piece or create a catchall box and clearly label it.