Take the season off

Small Vehicle Storage
Vehicle storage is an ideal solution classic cars, keeping your car safe while do you spend 6 months touring the country or abroad or simple off season storage for small boats and even motorcycles. Store your motorcycle, ATV, jet ski, or snowmobiles here with the protection you need. In many cases you’ll be surprised to find there’s room for boxes on either side to take full advantage of your monthly rate.

Boat Storage
Self storage offers reliable, easily accessible and secure off-season or even year-round storage. Our sizes accommodate small fishing boats and pontoons as well as wakeboard boats.


Our partner, R.W.’s Towing offer a concierge vehicle storage solution that can’t be beat. Drop your vehicle off at the R.W.’s shop when you’re ready to store it for the season. Upon request, R.W.’s will prep your car by removing the battery, adding fuel stabilizer to your tank and checking your antifreeze. Once that’s done we move your vehicle to B-Safe’s secure facility via a flat bed truck. When you’re ready to release, give us call and we’ll schedule the recharging and connection of the battery, then put air in the tires. We’ll check the fluids and even give the vehicle a quick wash to get it ready for your arrival. If we notice any problems with the vehicle that need to be addressed, we will let you know before you pick it up.


We’ll be happy to walk you through your options in prepping for your vehicle storage. We do have some guidelines we need you to agree and comply. Please read our terms below.

– Vehicles must be roadworthy and in working condition which means it can be driving to and from storage, not towed or stored on blocks.
– We require proof of ownership through current registration, proof of insurance and current license plates.
– Any issues that will expire while in storage need to be renewed.
– Tires must be inflated and inspected for signs of dry rot.
– Fill your gas tank before putting in storage to avoid condensation build up.
– No repairs or extensive maintenance may be performed inside the storage unit.
– Tire locks and tie downs are allowed for additional security.
– Fuel lines and gaskets must be inspected for long term storage. Tarps or cardboard should be placed on the units floor in case of fluid leaks.

Our partner, RW’s Towing is conveniently located on 50 Runway. Please let us know if you need any vehicle maintenance or servicing for your vehicles.